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Got an opinion about Link’s recent profile of Rueben Hernandez, the Fresno, CA, letter carrier who used accumulated sick leave while recovering from a heart attack?

What did you think of Link’s recent behind-the-scenes glimpse at the Postal Police honor guard?

How about the profiles of Art Doles, the Detroit letter carrier who marked a half-century as a postal employee, and Alfredo Jacinto, the Chicago retail associate who retired after 52 years?

What about the follow-up stories on two California employees: Ruben Hernandez, the Fresno letter carrier who drew upon his banked sick leave when he became ill, and Frank Facio, the mail processing clerk who is blind and got a new guide dog?

Did you learn anything from the “On the Job” profile of Josen Punnoose, an innovation and product development specialist at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC?

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