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Art appreciation

Employee marks 50 years on job

Detroit Letter Carrier Art Doles
Detroit Letter Carrier Art Doles recently marked 50 years as a postal employee.

Art Doles finds it hard to believe his postal career has lasted a half-century.

“Time goes by quickly when you enjoy what you’re doing,” the Detroit letter carrier said.

During a recent ceremony at Grand Shelby Station, where Doles works, he received a certificate, a 50-year service pin and lots of love from his colleagues.

Acting Detroit Postmaster Don Dombrow Jr. praised Doles’ “great customer service and professional work ethic,” while Henry Marbly, a fellow letter carrier, noted Doles’ legacy includes training many of the station’s employees.

“He trained the carrier who trained me,” Marbly said.

The ceremony also featured plenty of reminiscing — like the fact that the starting pay for postal workers was around $2.60 when Doles began his career in 1969 — as well as the honoree’s praise for his co-workers.

“It’s the people that made this a great job for me,” Doles said.

Doles, an accomplished artist, occasionally painted portraits of his co-workers when he began his career as a clerk.

These days, his paint brushes are often idle.

“When I retire, whenever that will be, I will have more time to paint again,” he said.

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