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End of the run

Retiring worker receives praise, offers advice

Alfredo Jacinto, a retail associate at Cesar Chavez Station in Chicago who recently retired after 52 years, punches the time clock for one of the last times with help from Pierre Johnson, a letter carrier.

A Chicago retail associate retired late last month after more than a half-century as a postal employee.

Alfredo Jacinto became a holiday seasonal worker in 1966, although his career didn’t officially begin until he became a Parcel Post distribution clerk at the Chicago Post Office the following spring.

In 1982, he became a retail associate at Cesar Chavez Station, where he worked until last month, with the exception of a few years at Graceland Finance Station.

“I enjoy it, and it’s been a good run,” Jacinto said.

Co-workers celebrated his retirement at a party that was attended by special guests, including his fiancée, Rosario Leon. During the gathering, Jacinto punched the time clock for one of the final times and received praise from Chicago Postmaster Wanda Prather and others.

“Mr. Jacinto leaves some big shoes to fill,” said Kenneth Brown, customer services manager at Cesar Chavez Station. “He’s the perfect example of what a [retail associate] is. Mr. Jacinto will be missed not just by the Postal Service, he will be missed by the community that he has served since 1982. We all love him.”

Jacinto, who plans to spend his retirement travelling and fixing up his home, offered some advice to younger co-workers hoping to emulate his longevity.

“Come to work with a good attitude,” he said. “Do your best and appreciate our customers. If you do that, things will work out.”

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