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Informed mail conditions

MCV to offer more insight, analysis

Postal workroom floor filled with mail containers
Mail Condition Visualization will use simplified categories and enhanced analysis capabilities to improve mail inventory.

The Postal Service will soon begin using simplified categories and enhanced analysis capabilities to improve the mail inventory process.

Mail Condition Visualization (MCV), an Informed Visibility module, will provide users with near-real-time conditions of mail and packages in processing facilities.

Here’s a look at the categories that are part of MCV:

• On Hand: This shows where mail is currently in inventory and allows users to know where and when the inventory must go to meet service requirements.

• Late Arriving: This allows users to identify specific mailpieces that arrived after the “critical entry time,” which in turn allows for adjustments to be made to ensure service needs are met.

• Advanced: This provides insight into mailpieces that are being processed and delivered to customers earlier than the expected delivery date.

• Delayed Mail Flow: MCV identifies “at risk” mailpieces immediately, allowing for quick mail flow adjustments to get service standards back on track.

• Delayed Inventory Pieces: This allows an MCV user to identify mail that will potentially fail service, enabling users to plan accordingly to recover from the delay and meet service requirements.

• Delayed/Late Dispatch: This provides insight into which containers did not leave on service responsive transportation. MCV users can immediately identify what inventory did not meet its timely dispatch, allowing users to get this mail on the next available transportation.

MCV is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to innovate, a core strategy, and move toward more streamlined, efficient processes. The organization will continue to provide employees with information on MCV before it becomes the official system of record during the next few weeks.

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