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MCV to offer improved inventory info

Boxes full of mail
Mail Condition Visualization will provide near-real-time visibility of mail conditions at every kind of postal facility across the nation.

USPS is making a New Year’s resolution to provide employees with a mail inventory system that is faster, more accurate and less labor intensive.

Mail Condition Visualization (MCV), an Informed Visibility module, will become the organization’s system of record for mail processing conditions during fiscal 2019’s second quarter (Jan. 1-March 31).

MCV will provide near-real-time visibility of a facility’s mail conditions — including mailpieces and mail containers by processing operation, shape and category — while storing historical data.

The module will offer eight categories that apply to all mail shapes and classes at every kind of facility across the nation, including processing and distribution centers, network distribution centers, surface transportation centers and international service centers.

Additionally, MCV will provide visibility into mail shape and class conditions not reported within webMCRS, the current reporting system.

Because MCV offers 24/7 updates, users will have a more comprehensive account of current inventory throughout the day — an improvement from webMRCS, which provides a limited snapshot of the mail conditions at the completion of the Management Operating Data System day.

MCV is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to innovate, a core strategy, and move toward more streamlined, efficient processes. The organization will continue to provide employees with more information on MCV before it is launched as the official system of record.

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