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Taking inventory

Informed Visibility module to streamline process

Mail Condition Visualization
Mail Condition Visualization, an Informed Visibility module, will simplify mail inventory at USPS processing facilities.

Mail inventory at USPS processing facilities is about to get easier.

The Postal Service will soon introduce Mail Condition Visualization (MCV), an Informed Visibility module that will provide users with near-real-time data, allowing them to quickly address issues and adjust flows at the mail processing facilities where they work.

MCV receives near-real-time information on mail-related activities, including electronic documentation submissions and mail processing equipment, piece, tray and bundle reporting.

The MCV module also relies on Surface Visibility scan data, such as arrival and departure scans and container loading and unloading scans. Additionally, MCV stores historical data.

Operations managers and in-plant support employees at mail processing facilities currently have access to MCV, which will become the new system of record for mail processing conditions during fiscal 2019’s second quarter (Jan. 1-March 31).

MCV will replace the Mail Condition Reporting System (webMCRS), which relies on manual, time-consuming processes.

MCV is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to innovate, a core strategy, and move toward more streamlined, efficient processes. The organization will provide employees with more information on MCV before the tool is launched.

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