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Best efforts

Employees went above, beyond this year

Postmaster Carrie Koutsogiannakis displays the envelope she tracked down for Sridutt Bhalachandra and his wife, Apoorva, this year.

USPS employees delivered excellent customer service throughout 2018.

Carol Stream, IL, Postmaster Carrie Koutsogiannakis went the extra mile on a Friday night and tracked down a missing envelope for a customer who needed a document inside to begin a job the following Monday.

Meanwhile, almost two dozen Post Offices in Northeast Area’s Westchester District introduced We’re Listening Weekends, a program to strengthen customer service.

The offices held three-hour Saturday sessions where customers met managers and supervisors, offered feedback and learned about USPS products and services.

Several employees solved mail-related mysteries this year, including Lawana Smith and Calvin White, two workers at the Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta who returned missing letters to a 98-year-old woman whose brother penned the notes during the 1940s.

Other sleuths included Administrative Assistant Rebecca Brundidge, who worked with her Portland, OR, colleagues to solve a mystery involving vintage postcards; and Custodian Thomas Caulfield, who found a World War II-era letter from a postal employee behind a filing cabinet at the Elgin, IL, Post Office and delivered the note to the man’s son.

Employees also helped customers obtain passports and file their taxes in 2018.

“Even though the volume is less, the customers still need our help,” said Melinda Mitchell, a mail handler who helped Tax Day customers in Detroit. “I like to do whatever I can to make mailing easier for the customers.”

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