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Offices offer weekend customer sessions

NY listening
Customer Service Supervisor Sonia Gillespie speaks to a customer at a recent We’re Listening Weekend session at the White Plains, NY, Post Office.

Almost two dozen Post Offices in Northeast Area’s Westchester District have introduced We’re Listening Weekends, a program to strengthen customer service.

The offices are holding three-hour sessions, usually on Saturdays, where customers can meet managers and supervisors, offer feedback, ask questions and learn about USPS products and services.

“Customers now have the opportunity to meet local leadership,” said Roxanne Hosein, a Post Office operations manager who oversees many of the participating offices. “When complaints are communicated, it helps local management identify routes of opportunity, as well as customer service.”

The program aligns with the Postal Service’s broader efforts to deliver excellent customer experiences, a core business strategy.

Daniel Welch, also a Post Office operations manager, oversees the office in Monsey, NY, where many residents are members of a Hasidic Jewish sect and don’t conduct business Saturdays. To accommodate them, the office holds its We’re Listening Weekend sessions on Sundays.

“It’s a great event,” Welch said. “Listening to what our customers think of us is a great thing. It gives us — from their perspective — what we need to improve upon. It also allows us to explain the why’s of delivery … and get a more specific vision of what needs to be done.”

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