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Employees to receive Informed Delivery info

Informed Delivery fact sheet
An Informed Delivery fact sheet will accompany the April 20 paycheck stubs that some USPS employees receive in the mail.

USPS is mailing information about Informed Delivery to employees, part of the organization’s drive to encourage postal workers to sign up for the free feature.

If you receive mailed paycheck stubs from the Postal Service, you’ll see an Informed Delivery “stuffer” in the envelope that contains your April 20 statement.

The stuffer will provide an overview of the feature, including registration information, tracking FAQs and more.

Informed Delivery allows consumers to digitally preview their incoming mail and manage their packages from computers, tablets and mobile devices. The feature is a major component of the Postal Service’s strategy to add value to the mail.

Through the Sprint to 10 Million Challenge, USPS wants to boost the number of Informed Delivery users to 10 million before this year’s National Postal Forum begins Sunday, May 6.

Informed Delivery currently has about 9 million users.

“We hope to have every employee of the Postal Service signed up for Informed Delivery,” said Product Innovation Vice President Gary Reblin. “After all, what better way to promote a service to our customers than by using it yourself?”

Employees can also sign up at Sign-up is voluntary.

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