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Postal workers embrace new feature

USPS retail associate smiles while holding mobile phone
Lexington, KY, Retail Associate Nancy Lau says her familiarity with Informed Delivery allows her to better serve customers.

Nancy Lau is a fan of Informed Delivery when she’s on the clock — and off.

Lau, a Lexington, KY, retail associate, signed up last year for the free feature that allows users to digitally preview their incoming mail and manage their packages.

Now she doesn’t know how she ever lived without it.

“I like … to see what’s coming in the mail,” said Lau, who receives her Informed Delivery daily digest email each morning around 7:30.

Lau said her familiarity with Informed Delivery makes her better prepared to promote the feature when she interacts with customers.

“I also always recommend Informed Delivery to my passport customers,” she said. “It’s a great comfort for them to know they can check the dashboard to see when the passport will arrive.”

USPS is encouraging all employees to use Informed Delivery, a major component of the organization’s strategy to introduce products and services that add value to mail.

Employees can sign up at Sign-up is voluntary and must be completed off the clock.

Another Informed Delivery user, Riverside, CA, Letter Carrier Melissa Diaz, said the feature helps her perform her job.

“When people are having issues with receiving their mail or expecting something without tracking, I tell them they should sign up because it works great,” Diaz said.

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