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Seeing is believing

Employees marvel at Informed Delivery

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Redway, CA, Retail Associate Tivoli Wiley is one of several USPS workers who have discovered the advantages of using Informed Delivery.

Tivoli Wiley loves mail — and hates missing it when she’s on the go.

This is why the Redway, CA, retail associate recently signed up for Informed Delivery, the free feature that allows users to digitally preview their incoming mail and manage their packages from computers, tablets and mobile devices.

“I signed up so I would be able to explain to customers how it works,” Wiley said. “I can even show them on my phone.”

Wiley is one of many Postal Service workers across the nation who are discovering the advantages of Informed Delivery, a key part of the organization’s strategy to add value to mail.

Some employees say the feature has exceeded their expectations.

“The first email I received with pictures of mail arriving soon was more detailed than I expected,” said Karin Nolf, a West Palm Beach, FL, address management systems technician. “I shared the email with my co-workers and encouraged them to sign up, too.”

The Postal Service wants all employees to sign up at Sign-up is voluntary.

Sarah St. Pierre, a data collection clerk at the Central Massachusetts Processing and Distribution Center, predicted employees will become enthusiastic fans of Informed Delivery once they use it.

“It definitely is helpful to see what’s coming up, especially if you’re looking for something,” she said.

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