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Moments that matter

#PostalProud retail effort begins

The first new #PostalProud poster emphasizes the importance of first impressions.

USPS is continuing its commitment to delivering excellent customer service through the #PostalProud initiative.

The latest effort highlights six “retail moments that matter,” including the importance of first impressions, being courteous and recommending products and services that will meet customers’ needs.

“Each moment is an opportunity for employees to show they care about our customers and value their business,” said Chief Operating Officer David Williams.

The six moments were developed following extensive conversations with retail associates across the nation.

“Our retail associates know our products and services better than anyone, and they’re eager to share solutions with their customers and co-workers,” Williams said.

USPS recently distributed posters and stand-up talks that highlight each of the six moments, as well as messages that will be delivered through Retail Systems Software and mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) devices.

The Postal Service also distributed a retail lobby “journey map” that shows how each moment influences customers’ experiences.

Williams said the retail efforts demonstrate the ongoing success of #PostalProud, which began last year.

“We Are #PostalProud celebrates the many efforts our employees make to proudly serve our customers and each other,” he said.

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