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Employees continue embracing #PostalProud

Boston Mail Handler Grover Godfrey
Boston Mail Handler Grover Godfrey is one of many employees who have helped make #PostalProud part of the USPS culture.

It’s been quite a year for expressing postal pride.

Since the #PostalProud initiative began last winter, the expression has become ingrained in the organization’s culture. Many employees have embraced the opportunity to share their pride in being part of USPS.

“It feels good to be a part of a team where all the members contribute,” Boston Mail Handler Grover Godfrey said.

The #PostalProud initiative has included posters, videos, stand-up talks and other communications that emphasize core USPS values, such as delivering with care.

The initiative expanded last summer by focusing on customers’ experiences at the retail level by highlighting six retail moments that matter.

Employees have also showcased their #PostalProud signage and apparel in creative ways.

In Western New York District, employees spelled out their pride during a team meeting, while Greater Indiana District employees displayed their pride during halftime at an NBA game.

Employees are also using the #PostalProud hashtag on social media.

Brooklyn, NY, Letter Carrier Ethiell McClan recently posted an Instagram photo of a write-up about him in a USPS newsletter.

“This is an honor. I am #PostalProud,” he wrote.

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