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Changing lives

Employees rallied for charitable campaign

Briana Mosley, an interactive digital specialist in Corporate Communications, participates in a Combined Federal Campaign event at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

Postal Service employees across the nation participated in this year’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the federal workplace charity drive that concludes Jan. 12.

Employees volunteered their time to promote the campaign and encourage co-workers to support the 12,000 participating charities.

In Greenville, SC, Berea Branch became the first workplace in Greenville County to pledge volunteer hours, a new method of giving this year.

“Berea’s exemplary support of charities gives the community we serve opportunities and resources to reach their full potential,” said Postmaster Stephanie Banks.

Other participating employees included those returning the favor to CFC charities.

Joanne Benge, a Dallas District business service network representative, said she gave to a local hospital “because of the care they provided to my daughter when she was young.”

Employees also hit the road to drum up support for the CFC.

One example: Warren, MI, Postmaster Dennis Kennedy, who serves as a Detroit District CFC coordinator, visited postal facilities throughout the district to deliver CFC talks.

“Postal employees have big hearts when giving back to the community,” Kennedy said. “I know the donations will make significant changes in the lives of others.”

The CFC Blue and LiteBlue pages have guidelines on contributing to the campaign, including contact information for national and local campaign managers.

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