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CFC notice, innovation interview

Postal Service employees can now pledge volunteer hours to their favorite Combined Federal Campaign charities.

Your time is valuable. This year, USPS employees can pledge volunteer hours to their favorite Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) charities.

Employees can use the online pledge portal to donate money, as well as to pledge their time to an organization in need.

To find a CFC charity that accepts pledges, visit the portal and filter your search by selecting “Volunteer Opportunities Available.”

The total number of hours and their monetary value may be shared with agencies at the completion of the CFC campaign. However, monetized value is not counted toward an agency’s CFC pledge goals.

The current campaign runs through Jan. 12. Employees with questions can email the Postal Service’s CFC team.

The CFC Blue and LiteBlue pages have additional details, including contact information for national and local campaign managers.

Intelligent future. USPS Brand Marketing Executive Director Chris Karpenko recently discussed the organization’s efforts to remain relevant in the age of smart devices.

During an interview at marketing and technology conference Yext Onward, Karpenko said innovations like Informed Delivery help the Postal Service link mail to digital technology.

“We want to provide value to our customers,” Karpenko said. “We’re … put[ting] technology in play to help the customer of today and tomorrow work and interact in ways that are changing.”

The full interview can be viewed on YouTube.

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