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Employee honored to promote CFC

cfc Employee 2
Washington, DC, Retail Associate Deborah Valentine strikes a pose for a Combined Federal Campaign poster.

You’ve probably seen her around your workplace.

Deborah Valentine is one of several USPS employees who appear on posters to promote the current Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), which is underway through Jan. 12.

The Washington, DC, retail associate became involved in the campaign’s marketing efforts after serving a customer who works for the National Capital Area CFC. A week later, the customer invited her to participate in a photo shoot.

“It made me feel proud I could represent the Postal Service and my cause,” said Valentine, a 29-year USPS veteran.

Valentine donates to causes that have touched her life, including an organization that raises awareness of Alzheimer’s, a disease that afflicted her mother.

She also supports a group that operated a food pantry in her childhood neighborhood and an organization that helped a loved one recover from an addiction.

Valentine, who likes to remind co-workers they can donate online, has been hearing a lot from customers who recognize her from the posters, which are being displayed in federal workplaces throughout the region.

One comment came from a customer who was also helped by a CFC organization.

“She brought me my flier and told me that the charity helped her escape domestic violence,” said Valentine. “That one touched me the most.”

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