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Community connections

Events help link USPS, consumers

Dickinson, ND, Postmaster Daniel Adams greets a customer.
Dickinson, ND, Postmaster Daniel Adams greets a customer during a recent Post Office lobby event organized by the local USPS Consumer Advisory Council.

The Postal Service’s Consumer Advisory Councils (CACs) are continuing their efforts to strengthen connections between USPS and consumers.

CACs, groups that are comprised of consumers and local postal leaders, work to improve customers’ experiences.

For example, the Dickinson, ND, CAC recently hosted an event at the Post Office where customers could meet Postmaster Daniel Adams.

Adams greeted customers, answered their questions and discussed new offerings like Informed Delivery, a feature that provides users with digital previews of their incoming mail.

During the event, one customer checked her PO Box to find only one item.

“If you had Informed Delivery, you wouldn’t have had to come out in this weather to check your box,” Adams told the customer, who then signed up for the feature.

The USPS Consumer Advocate and Customer Relations unit encourages Post Offices to conduct lobby events to establish connections with the communities they serve.

The CAC Handbook, available on Blue, has information on holding lobby events and other community outreach activities.

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