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Informed Delivery receives praise

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Informed Delivery is being hailed by residential consumers and other users.

Informed Delivery is receiving accolades as a time-saver for customers and a new marketing channel for businesses.

In a survey, 91 percent of users report they are either very satisfied or satisfied with Informed Delivery, an optional, free feature that provides residential consumers with digital previews of their incoming mail and the ability to interact with their packages in one dashboard.

“Informed Delivery has been well received by users,” Product Innovation VP Gary Reblin recently told the Magazine, a Printing Industries of America publication.

Inc. describes the feature as “totally in line with today’s mobile, on-demand lifestyle” and credits the technology with saving consumers time.

The article, which was also published by Yahoo! Finance, included further praise: “Customers potentially can handle tasks related to their mail faster or adjust daily planning — you can take action before the important mail you need actually is in your hand.”

In New Canaan News, a Connecticut newspaper, columnist Mark Mathias calls Informed Delivery an example of how USPS “wants to be our postal service of choice.”

More than 6.25 million users currently have access to Informed Delivery.

USPS employees can sign up for the feature at Sign-up is voluntary and must be completed off the clock.

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