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Taking care

PMG thanks employees, stresses safety

USPS vehicle stops near mailbox amid storm debris
A Postal Service letter carrier makes deliveries in the Houston area this week.

In the midst of major hurricanes, PMG Megan J. Brennan is thanking employees for their recovery efforts and encouraging them to stay safe.

“The safety of our workforce is paramount,” the PMG said. “We want every employee to stay out of harm’s way whether on-the-clock or off.”

USPS is continuing to restore service in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which caused severe flooding in Houston and other areas. Delivery has resumed in areas that are safe, while some Post Offices are offering pick-up mail service for affected customers.

“Our employees are working tirelessly to deliver medicines, supplies and other critical mail in Texas. They are providing the best possible service, even as they are affected by the storm themselves,” Brennan said.

The PMG commended Southern Area VP Shaun Mossman and his leadership team for their efforts to restore service in Harvey’s aftermath while preparing for Irma, one of the strongest Atlantic Ocean storms ever recorded.

Irma has affected USPS operations in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and could strike Florida and other states this weekend.

Employees can check the USPS Service Alerts page for the latest updates on facility closures and operations.

“Preparedness is part of the Postal Service’s mission,” Brennan said. “We have plans and procedures in place to deal with major emergencies and ensure we can continue delivering for our customers.”

Additionally, the PMG wants employees to remember they can make one-time financial contributions through the Postal Employees’ Relief Fund (PERF) to specifically aid USPS colleagues.

This special solicitation is outside the Combined Federal Campaign, the annual charity drive for federal workplaces. The PERF site has more information.

“PERF is an important resource for employees suffering storm-related hardships,” Brennan said.

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