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Open arms

After Harvey, offices welcome displaced co-workers

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Two rural carriers at Houston’s Bear Creek Station, Robert Wolfe and Mansoor Siddiqui, are among 90 employees who’ve temporarily relocated to neighboring Fleetwood Station. Says Wolfe: “We have a job to do.”

Clarence Williams came to work on his day off this week to help his co-workers from Houston’s Bear Creek Station transition to their new, temporary home.

“You couldn’t keep me from coming in,” said Williams, a rural carrier who has worked at Bear Creek for more than 23 years. “The Postal Service has invested in me, and now it’s time for me to return the investment.”

In the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, more than two dozen damaged Post Offices in Houston District have temporarily moved operations to other facilities, where the newcomers are being welcomed warmly.

“The spirit, the attitude and the perseverance of USPS employees is astounding, and I’m so proud to be part of this effort,” said Houston District Manager David Camp.

Bear Creek’s 90 employees are now working at neighboring Fleetwood Station, where carriers are delivering all available mail to areas that are accessible and safe.

“The folks here at Fleetwood have been very accommodating,” said Diana Peters, Bear Creek’s station manager. “We are intruding into their spaces but because they are a family too, they have welcomed us with open arms.”

The transition has produced mixed emotions for many Bear Creek employees. They say they’re glad to be back on the job, but it’s been difficult to see their regular workplace submerged under 4 feet of water.

“When I saw the pictures of the station underwater, I was very sad. It’s like my home,” said Mansoor Siddiqui, a 17-year rural carrier. “We’re just happy to have a new home here at Fleetwood.”

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