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New technology showcased at CES

Trade show attendee talks to postal employees
An attendee learns more about the Precious Cargo Boxes from Field Sales Representative Debra Bibb and Business Alliances Specialist Dana Foster at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

More than 170,000 technology enthusiasts received a glimpse into the future of mailing and shipping at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

USPS touted several new products and services at the Las Vegas event, including Precious Cargo Boxes, which have strategically placed foam cushions affixed to box walls to keep phones, laptops and other devices safe when shipping.

The boxes, which are available for purchase at, were a star attraction at the USPS booth, drawing lines of attendees who wanted to learn more.

“People are excited about the cargo box,” said Business Alliances Specialist Brenda Jackson. “It’s been a showstopper.”

The Postal Service also highlighted Informed Delivery, a feature that provides customers with a digital preview of their incoming mail, and the Smart Mailbox, a high-tech household mailbox that can “read” and notify customers when their mail arrives.

In addition to previewing new products, the show also provides USPS with opportunities to generate revenue. More than 3,600 businesses exhibited at the event.

“In this increasingly digital world, the Postal Service is constantly evolving and incorporating technologies that can deliver new experiences and value for its customers,” said Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Jim Cochrane. “This year, our innovation story at CES is all about the box — the shipping box and the mailbox. There’s no better venue to showcase our new ideas.”

The Postal Service is expected to release more information this year about the innovations showcased at CES.

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