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The list: 5 headlines from NPF

National Postal Forum
Maureen Brock of Neopost USA, a Milford, CT-based business, looks at Irresistible Mail pieces at last week’s National Postal Forum.

USPS made lots of news at last week’s National Postal Forum (NPF). “The list” reviews five of the biggest stories:

1. Informed Delivery is growing. More than 2 million people have registered for Informed Delivery, a new feature that provides residential customers with digital previews of their incoming mail.

2. Informed Visibility is helping mailers. Informed Visibility, a USPS analytics platform, is providing businesses with data that allows them to improve their marketing efforts.

3. USPS is focused on customers. One example: Business Mail Entry Units are using more research and diagnostics, making it easier for employees to meet the needs of business customers.

4. Employees are helping to win new business. Several employees were honored at NPF for their efforts to promote postal products and register new business customers for the conference.

5. Business customers are innovating. USPS recognized several business customers for driving innovation through the mail, including United Healthcare Group, which won the Partnership for Growth Award.

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