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Dog Bite Week, Postal Bulletin recaps

USPS letter carrier
Greenmead, CA, Letter Carrier Theresa Trotter is interviewed by a TV news crew during the recent National Dog Bite Prevention Week kickoff event.

Bites and bits. If you haven’t been reading Link this week (shame on you!), the National Dog Bite Prevention Week stories you missed include:

• Highlights from the kickoff event in Los Angeles, where USPS shared safety initiatives to protect employees and offered tips to pet owners

• A new public service video that shows how customers can help protect postal employees

• A special edition of “The list” that ranks the cities where most dog attacks occurred last year

• Stories from Postal Service employees who have been attacked by dogs

• A week of “By the numbers” graphics that highlight statistics about dog attacks

The Postal Service’s news release has additional information.

Green earth. The Postal Bulletin’s latest edition highlights Earth Day, which occurs April 22.

The cover story details the Postal Service’s longstanding initiatives to address climate change, including efforts to increase recycling and reduce carbon emissions.

The April 13 issue also highlights online safety tips for social media users and previews the upcoming Henry David Thoreau stamp.

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