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USPS honored for climate efforts

USPS leaders Bridget Rice and Tom Day
Bridget Rice, surface transportation CMC manager, and Tom Day, chief sustainability officer, recently accepted a Climate Leadership Award on behalf of USPS.

The Postal Service has received a Climate Leadership Award, a prestigious honor that recognizes organizations and individuals who are addressing climate change.

USPS, one of 17 awardees this year, was honored in the supply chain leadership category.

The organization has helped highway route contractors and other suppliers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The Postal Service has also reduced the mileage traveled by highway contract drivers through dynamic routing, a process that makes deliveries more efficient.

Additionally, USPS encourages suppliers to use alternative fuels. By the end of last year, the organization had at least 178 tractor-trailers and trucks traveling more than 13.5 million miles annually using alternative fuel.

“We thank the committee for recognizing the Postal Service’s strong efforts to curb carbon emissions and reduce waste,” Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day said. “This is yet another example of our employees and leaders across the country making a difference in their communities and around the world.”

Day accepted the award with Surface Transportation CMC Manager Bridget Rice.

The awards, created through a partnership between the Environment Protection Agency and other groups, were presented last week in Chicago.

Day was recognized with a Climate Leadership Award last year.

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