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The list: Top 10 cities for dog attacks

Children pet a pup named Mila at a recent National Dog Bite Prevention Week kickoff event in Los Angeles, the top city for dog bite attacks on postal employees in 2016.

A total of 6,755 Postal Service employees were attacked by dogs in 2016, according to statistics USPS recently released to kick off National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Here are the top 10 city rankings, including the number of attacks recorded there during the year.

1. Los Angeles (80)

2. Houston (62)

3. Cleveland (60)

4. San Diego (57)

5. Louisville, KY (51)

6. Detroit (48)

7. Denver (47)

8. Chicago (46)

9. Indianapolis (44)

10. Minneapolis (43)

The Postal Service’s news release has additional information, including a list of the top 30 city rankings for dog attacks last year. Got ideas for future editions of “The list”? Email them to

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