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How much do you remember this week?

David Roosevelt, grandson of President Franklin D. Roosevelt
David Roosevelt, grandson of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, speaks at the recent dedication of the WPA Posters stamps.

Here’s Link’s latest “News quiz,” a weekly feature that invites readers to test their knowledge of recent stories. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. The new WPA Posters stamps showcase artwork from what government program?

a) Work Program Administration
b) Work Protection Administration
c) Working Peoples Administration
d) Work Projects Administration

2. Which community’s Post Office was recently destroyed by a tornado?

a) Parthenon, AK
b) Parthenon, AL
c) Parthenon, AR
d) Parthenon, AZ

3. What’s a gemba walk?

a) A dance craze sweeping the nation
b) A Japanese leadership technique that allows managers to observe workplaces
c) A slower version of a gemba run
d) An “ice bucket challenge”-style fundraising activity

4. Fill in the blank: The Postal Service’s (blank) efforts were recently honored with a Climate Leadership Award.

a) Engineering
b) Marketing
c) Sales
d) Supply chain

5. USPS released a recruitment video this month to fill which jobs?

a) Master black belts (MBBs)
b) Post Office operations managers (POOMs)
c) Supervisors of distribution operations (SDOs)
d) Link quiz writers (LQWs)

Answers: 1) d. 2) c. 3) b. 4) d. 5) c.

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