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Twists of fate

Employees pick up pieces after recent tornadoes

Employee cleans up tornado destruction
Harrison, AR, Rural Carrier Associate Matt Clark helps with mail recovery and clean-up efforts after the destruction of the Parthenon, AR, Post Office.

Tornadoes swept across the Midwest and South this week, destroying the Parthenon, AR, Post Office and disrupting operations in several other communities.

The Parthenon office, which serves about 20 residents, was leveled by a twister March 7 in the pre-dawn hours.

Arkansas District managers and postal inspectors arrived shortly after the storm to begin emergency clean-up and mail recovery operations. Employees from nearby offices helped.

“I’m extremely proud of our Arkansas District postal team for how quickly they responded to this critical situation,” said District Manager Mike Hart. “Employees from our nearby offices did not hesitate to show up and assist with our on-site recovery efforts.”

Alternate PO Box mail pick-up and retail services have been established at the nearby Jasper, AR, Post Office.

Offices in other communities — including Ottawa, IL; Ottumwa, IA; and Dallas — also have been damaged by recent tornadoes.

Meanwhile, customers in Naplate, IL, are commending employees for restoring service quickly after a twister last week.

“One guy gave me a grilled-cheese sandwich and said I was a hero,” said Ottawa Letter Carrier Marlon Collins.

Customers who have questions about mail delivery should refer to the online USPS Service Alerts page.

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