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Cold front

Employee’s snowy delivery makes headlines

USPS employee in snow
New Bedford, MA, Letter Carrier John Gomes fights wind and heavy snow during a Feb. 8 storm. Image: Peter Pereira, Standard Times via the Associated Press

The image of a snow-covered letter carrier delivering during a recent storm was just what the Wall Street Journal was looking for last week.

New Bedford, MA, Letter Carrier John Gomes was braving the cold and snow on his route Feb. 9 when one of his customers, a news photographer, spotted him and took his picture.

“He thought it was amazing that the Postal Service was delivering the mail,” Gomes said.

The photo of the snowy letter carrier, glasses pulled down so he could see where he was going, was picked up by the Associated Press and published by news organizations that covered the recent Northeast storms.

The Journal ran the image on its front page under the headline “No Mailing It In.”

This is the second time in recent months the Journal has showcased a postal worker besting Mother Nature. In November, the paper published a front-page photo of New York employee Pamela Bentley shoveling snow.

Despite the hometown fame, Gomes says he was just doing his job.

“There’s thousands of other letter carriers out during the storm,” he said.

Gomes said some days are tougher than others during the winter months, but he keeps going and wears layers to protect himself.

The New Bedford native is proud of the work he does for the Postal Service.

“It’s our job. We have to deliver the mail,” said Gomes. “That’s why our organization is one of the oldest.”

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