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Snow must go on

Employees keep mail moving during storms

Brooklyn, NY, Letter Carrier Carmelo LaSalle and Monique Richardson, a USPS driver
Brooklyn, NY, Letter Carrier Carmelo LaSalle and Monique Richardson, a USPS driver, gear up to make deliveries during last week’s storm.

Postal Service employees are demonstrating their mettle amid a series of powerful snowstorms in the Northeast.

As much as 18 inches of snow fell in New England last week, while parts of New York and New Jersey received up to 14 inches. More snow fell Feb. 13.

USPS temporarily suspended retail operations at some Post Offices after last week’s blast, although deliveries continued in areas where it was safe to do so.

“The weather was not great and visibility was not great, but we went out there and tried our best,” said Brooklyn, NY, Letter Carrier Carmelo LaSalle.

Throughout the affected areas, the Postal Service is emphasizing safety.

Customers are being asked to clear snow and ice from walkways and mailboxes to make it easier for carriers to complete their deliveries.

Additionally, managers are reminding employees to dress warmlydrive safely and take precautions to avoid frostbite and hypothermia.

“We give endless tips in the winter,” said Rayon Clarke, a letter carrier and safety co-captain at Brooklyn’s New Lots Station.

“We make sure employees have on proper gear [and] the right equipment. We lead by example, so we practice what we preach.”

Some employees relished the challenge the weather presented.

After he determined it was safe to do so, Montclair, NJ, City Carrier Assistant Nadir Abdul-Salaam trekked to work on a bicycle, completing the 6-mile journey despite 10 inches of snow on the ground.

“What a trouper,” said Northeast Area Safety Manager Donna Gill.

The USPS Service Alerts page has the latest information on disruptions, closures and more.

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