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Places of engagement

Top scoring workplaces share tips

The top 10 scoring USPS workplaces
The top 10 scoring USPS workplaces

The USPS workplaces that performed well on the latest Postal Pulse survey range from small Post Offices to larger district-level offices, but they all have one thing in common: leaders who make employee engagement a priority.

Engagement refers to employees’ involvement, enthusiasm and commitment to their organization. The survey measures engagement using a scale of 1 to 5.

At the Walnut, MS, Post Office — which scored a 5 on the latest survey — Postmaster Lisa Conely said she strives to give employees regular feedback.

“Our employees do a wonderful job, and we keep reminding them that they do,” Conely said.

The Confluence, PA, Post Office, which scored a 4.77 on the survey and had 100 percent participation, also has made feedback a priority.

“I talk every day with my employees about whatever topic,” said Postmaster Darryl Gesso. “I create an open forum for them to come and voice whatever is on their mind.”

The Postal Service is encouraging all leaders to adopt these practices.

To help, a team of USPS engagement ambassadors is training managers and supervisors how to implement engagement principles.

The Employee Engagement LiteBlue site also has tips to promote engagement. More information on top performing workplaces will be shared in the coming weeks.

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