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Engaging leaders

Ambassadors to train managers across nation

All USPS leaders are required to complete new training to foster employee engagement.
All USPS leaders are required to complete new training to foster employee engagement.

A team of 26 employees has embarked on a mission to help 41,000 Postal Service leaders improve their workplace environments.

The team members, known as engagement ambassadors, are divided among the seven USPS areas and headquarters. For the next two years, the ambassadors will lead required training for all managers and supervisors in their assigned territories.

“The Postal Service is committed to changing its culture,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams. “The ambassadors will help us improve our organization, one workplace at a time.”

The ambassadors will train about 60 managers and supervisors in their respective areas each week.

The training consists of a day-and-a-half class that focuses on 12 engagement principles, such as ensuring employees’ opinions count and providing positive feedback.

After managers and supervisors complete the training, they’ll be responsible for implementing the principles in their workplaces.

“The goal is to create a cascading effect throughout the Postal Service,” Williams said.

The ambassadors were chosen from a pool of about 800 applicants. Each ambassador has received extensive training from Gallup, the organization that conducts the Postal Pulse survey.

All managers and supervisors are encouraged to work with their assigned ambassadors and complete the training, which is receiving praise from early participants.

Managers, supervisors and others who have questions should email

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