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Package push

USPS increasing market share, Wall Street Journal reports

Newport Beach, CA, City Carrier Assistant Sara Jeekao delivers packages on a recent Sunday.

The Postal Service is on track to reach new heights in holiday package deliveries, the Wall Street Journal reported Dec. 22.

USPS expects to deliver more than 600 million packages, up 15 percent compared to last year’s peak season. This means the Postal Service’s market share of holiday deliveries will increase to 40 percent, compared to 35 percent a year ago.

“We’re putting more pressure on the organization to grow the business and to look at opportunities to continue to grow,” PMG Megan J. Brennan told the Journal. “Given the pace of innovation and what we’ve demonstrated in terms of our capability, we’re well positioned.”

The article describes the Postal Service’s preparation for peak season, including adding new package-sorting equipment at plants and deploying more than 260,000 Mobile Delivery Devices to strengthen tracking data.

USPS also has hired more than 30,000 seasonal employees and expanded Sunday deliveries.

The Postal Service operated about 25,000 routes on Sundays during the holidays, up from 4,000 on nonpeak Sundays.

“That ability to deliver on Sundays takes tremendous pressure off the week,” the PMG said. “That has certainly been a game changer in our ability to keep the network fluid.”

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