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Game changer

MDDs have improved USPS deliveries, Miskanic writes

Sterling, VA, Letter Carrier Leonard Long uses a Mobile Delivery Device to scan a package.

Mobile Delivery Devices (MDDs) have revolutionized the way USPS does business, Acting Chief Information Officer Randy Miskanic says.

“MDDs have dramatically improved core functions of the Postal Service,” Miskanic writes in the latest edition of CIO Review, a journal for technology professionals.

Because the new devices offer improved scanning capabilities, it now takes fewer than 10 minutes to notify customers when a package is delivered, Miskanic writes. This helps USPS win customers’ loyalty in the competitive shipping business.

The devices also make employees’ jobs easier.

Letter and rural carriers no longer need to carry both scanners and cell phones because MDDs have on-screen signature capabilities that eliminate the need to complete paper delivery receipts.

The Postal Service began distributing MDDs and training employees to use them in 2014. The deployment was completed ahead of schedule in September.

More than 260,000 devices were distributed to 19,000 facilities.

The MDDs exemplify the Postal Services’ commitment to investing “in technology and innovation to better serve customers,” Miskanic writes.

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