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USPS enters holiday crunch period

Letter Carrier Lisa Tonsone
Omaha, NE, Letter Carrier Lisa Tonsone delivers a package Dec. 21.

USPS delivered millions of packages and other mail Dec. 21, which was expected to be the year’s busiest delivery day.

“We have a service to provide,” Charlotte, NC, Letter Carrier Richard Journette told the local NBC station.

Journette, a 15-year employee, began his day at 6 a.m. He expected to travel 40-50 miles and make 400 deliveries.

Although Journette said he typically goes through three pairs of shoes each holiday season, he doesn’t mind. “I love seeing all the mail,” he said.

Package volumes are up about 15 percent compared to last year’s peak season. USPS is on track to meet projections of delivering more than 600 million packages before New Year’s Eve.

The Postal Service took several steps to prepare for peak season, including adding new package-sorting equipment at plants and developing new routing options to boost efficiencies.

USPS also delivered packages on Sundays throughout peak season. In some cities, packages will be delivered Christmas Day.

Despite the heavier workload, employees like Taylor, MI, Letter Carrier Kenny Evola remain enthusiastic about delivering the holidays for customers.

“We’re like Santa’s helpers delivering presents. Instead of only bills, we deliver happiness,” Evola said.

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