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Here’s what Link covered June 30-July 6

Independence Day, a cat’s liberation and more made news

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The connection between the histories of the Postal Service and the nation it serves was one of the topics examined last week in Link.

Freedom was a recurring theme last week in Link.

We examined the tie between the founding of the nation and the founding of our postal system.

In “Heroes,” we featured the story of Rural Carrier Matt Tripp, who was instrumental in helping liberate a Kentucky cat’s head from a tin can.

“I suspect the cat would not have lived had Matt not called for help,” said Morganfield, KY, Postmaster Kimberly Wolfe.

We also provided guidance on the rare situations in which employees are free to accept a gift of value, and covered the release of two new USPS stamp videos: a Horses video that examines the bond between humans and equines, for many the embodiment of freedom; and a Shaker Design video that explores the history and aesthetic of this offshoot of Quakerism, whose practitioners fled persecution in England and settled in America 250 years ago.

“Shaker Design exemplifies some of the core values of their life: Honesty, humility and joyful simplicity,” said Linda Crawford, Southern Area vice president.