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Here’s what Link covered June 9-15

Sea turtles, vishing, a heroic duo and more made news

People sitting on the left side of a long table while other people are standing on the right side of the table.
Participants in the Protect Sea Turtles stamp ceremony sign programs for attendees last week.

Last week, Link covered the Protect Sea Turtles stamp release.

The stamps feature the six species that forage in U.S. waters or nest on American beaches: loggerhead, leatherback, hawksbill, Kemp’s ridley, olive ridley and green sea turtles.

“Sea turtles are majestic creatures who play an important role in marine ecosystems,” said Texas 2 District Manager David Camp, who spoke at the June 11 dedication ceremony in Corpus Christi, TX.

We also told you about the release of new U.S. Flags stamps and a video about the new Carnival Nights stamps, and we warned you about the dangers of vishing, where scammers impersonate banks, government agencies and other legitimate organizations to trick you into giving up personal information.

Additionally, we told you about Shakeara and Taishonna Stewart, married highway contract route drivers who aided a customer who had broken her leg doing yard work; provided a history lesson on V-Mail and told you about a group of Postal Inspection Service employees who completed a relay run to raise money for the Special Olympics.

“It’s healthy for us as an organization for team building, increasing morale and camaraderie, and providing a win for the public,” said Carroll Harris, the Los Angeles Division’s inspector in charge and one of the participants.