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They saw a dog on the loose and knew something was wrong

This duo found a customer who had broken her leg while doing yard work

USPS highway contract route drivers Shakeara and Taishonna Stewart
St. Stephens Church, VA, highway contract route drivers Shakeara and Taishonna Stewart

Shakeara and Taishonna Stewart, married highway contract route drivers, were recently delivering mail to a residence in St. Stephens Church, VA, when they saw a customer’s normally secured dog freely roaming the property.

The couple looked around and spotted the customer waving to them in the distance.

The woman was lying on the ground after being injured while mowing her lawn. She had been unable to stand or get anyone’s attention for almost 24 hours.

After calling 911, the Stewarts wrapped the woman in a blanket and stayed with her until paramedics arrived.

The contractors later learned that the customer had broken her leg in three places and had to undergo surgery. She is now recovering at a rehabilitation center.

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