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She received good guidance

An employee followed a dispatcher’s directions and performed CPR on a co-worker

USPS Mail Processing Clerk Colette Carpenter
Spokane, WA, Mail Processing Clerk Colette Carpenter

Mail Processing Clerk Colette Carpenter was working recently at the Spokane, WA, Metro Carrier Annex when she heard someone shout: “Call 911!”

Carpenter learned a co-worker was experiencing what appeared to be signs of a seizure and was nonresponsive.

The Postal Service employee made the call and stayed on the phone with the dispatcher, who guided Carpenter through performing CPR on the co-worker until paramedics arrived and took over.

“Thanks to her heroic actions, Colette saved her colleague’s life,” said Todd Soliday, a customer services manager.

The co-worker was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and was later discharged. She thanked Carpenter for coming to her aid.

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