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Canine camera

A carrier stars in a campaign shot, a postmaster begins his appointment and a retail associate schools youngsters

A photographer photograps a dog jumping up toward a letter carrier for USPS National Dog Bite Awareness Campaign
Daniel Afzal photographs Andy the Labrador and Timothy “T.J.” Jackson.

Timothy “T.J.” Jackson is at the center of this year’s USPS National Dog Bite Awareness Campaign.

Jackson, a Linthicum Heights, MD, letter carrier, is featured in a photograph that serves as the centerpiece of the campaign, including a Link article, workplace poster and computer screensaver.

Daniel Afzal, a USPS photographer, took the shot, which shows Jackson standing his ground while demonstrating how to use a mail satchel as a barrier when a dog attacks.

To simulate the attack, Jackson held a toy to get the attention of Andy the Labrador, a trained service dog who plays the role of the attacking canine. When Andy leaped into the air, Jackson hid the toy behind his satchel.

“It’s wonderful to be part of this,” Jackson said. “The campaign helps remind pet owners that dogs can cause harm.”

The campaign, which began this week, will conclude Sunday, June 9.

New guy in town

There’s a new postmaster in Pasadena, CA: Silven Zimmerman, a 24-year USPS veteran.

Zimmerman was recently sworn in as postmaster for the city of about 134,000 residents.

He joined the organization as a letter carrier in Tampa, FL, then moved on to a variety of other roles.

“To me, the title of postmaster is an honor,” he said. “Being a postmaster gives me the opportunity of being a committed leader to my postal team, but more importantly, being committed to the community of Pasadena.”

Field research

A group of about 80 second graders had a field trip to remember when they toured the Reno, NV, Processing and Distribution Center last month.

The students saw the mail processing equipment, then bought stamps and mailed homemade cards at the adjacent Reno Post Office.

The highlight of the tour: learning that USPS sometimes makes deliveries from the animal kingdom.

“They were shocked to see the shipments of live bees and chicks in the express area,” said Justine Maaka, a retail associate who helped arrange the visit.

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