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A trio took turns performing life-saving CPR on their co-worker

The rural carrier was unresponsive after collapsing

Postal employees Matt Fhuere, Misty Frisbie and Trinity Turner
From left, Matt Fhuere, Misty Frisbie and Trinity Turner

Misty Frisbie was on duty at the North Platte, NE, Mail Processing Facility in December when she heard an urgent cry for help.

Frisbie, a processing support specialist, rushed to the area and found a rural carrier who had collapsed. The carrier was unresponsive and not breathing.

After Frisbie started CPR, Matt Fhuere, a retail associate, and Trinity Turner, a mail handler, arrived to help administer chest compressions.

The three took turns until paramedics got there and took over. The National Institutes of Health recommends rescuers performing chest compressions rotate every two minutes or sooner to prevent fatigue.

The group effort likely saved the rural carrier, who had suffered a heart attack, according to the paramedics.

“The family members were very grateful to be able to spend another Christmas with this employee,” said Mail Processing Operations Manager Tamara Forrester. “The outcome would have been very different had they not done what they did.”

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