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Do you know the guidelines on contracts?

Ethics rules apply both during and after USPS employment

A USPS employee cannot hold a highway contract route with the Postal Service.

The Postal Service wants employees to follow its ethics rules about contracts, both during and after their tenure with the organization.

USPS may enter into a contract with a current employee in three instances:

• The lease of an employee’s vehicle in connection with their employment;

• The license of a patent invention that is the sole property of the employee; and

• Lease agreements for real property, under certain circumstances.

A Postal Service employee cannot hold a highway contract route with USPS.

However, an employee may work for a highway contract route holder or subcontractor if they obtain prior approval by completing the appropriate form on Blue and emailing it to the USPS Ethics Office.

It is a crime for an employee to participate in any postal matter that affects the financial interests of the employee, his or her spouse or minor child, or a business or organization where the employee has an ownership stake or other employment.

Employees also may not work on any USPS matters with an outside employer with whom they are discussing a potential job offer. Employees in this situation would either need to recuse themselves from postal duties related to the potential employment offer before entering discussions or refuse any outreach offers for a future job.

Employees with questions should email the USPS Ethics Office or call 202-268-6346. The Ethics Blue page has more information.