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Considering making an endorsement? Read this first

Employees shouldn’t vouch for nonpostal products, services and businesses

A male letter carrier delivering mail from an LLV
Employees should seek guidance from the USPS Ethics Office before making endorsements of any kind.

USPS wants employees to remember they aren’t allowed to endorse nonpostal products, services and businesses.

Endorsements are favorable comments provided in writing, on video or in a public forum.

Because of the nature of the Postal Service’s work, private organizations might seek to further their interests by requesting an endorsement from a USPS employee.

In addition to eroding the public’s confidence in the employee’s loyalty, endorsements of this kind could lead to the appearance that the Postal Service itself supports or sanctions the product, service or business.

Any favorable comments that an employee provides to a business may be used as an endorsement, even if that wasn’t the employee’s intention.

An employee may make an endorsement in their personal capacity, but they should not associate themselves with USPS while doing so.

If an outside entity asks an employee to provide an endorsement of any kind, the employee should email the USPS Ethics Office for guidance.