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How USPS is getting greener

The Eagle magazine reports on the organization’s sustainability efforts

Illustration of a magazine cover showing a postal worker carrying packages on a city street
The Eagle’s winter cover illustrates the Postal Service’s commitment to sustainability.

The Delivering for America plan is poised to benefit the environment — and boost the Postal Service’s bottom line, The Eagle magazine reports in its latest issue.

Under the plan, USPS is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste at every level of its operations, aiming to improve its performance and respond to consumers who are increasingly concerned about the environmental effects of their purchases.

Supply chain sustainability is becoming a big driver in purchasing decisions, the article explains, citing studies that show some three-quarters of young shoppers — and as many as 4 in 5 — are prepared to pay more for a sustainable product.

The winter issue also reports on Project Safe Delivery, an initiative by USPS and the Postal Inspection Service to curb postal-related crime; military veterans who find careers with USPS; and the 20th anniversary of the Postmaster General Heroes’ Program.

The Postal Service mails The Eagle to employees’ homes. The magazine is also available on the USPS Newsroom website.