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These stamps are squaring off on social media

USPS is asking customers to choose their 2024 ‘tournament’ favorites

A tournament-style bracket showing eight USPS stamps as the teams.
Voting in the stamp showdown began March 19.

Move over, March Madness. There’s a new game in town.

The USPS social media team has created Stamp Showdown, a bit of fun for customers modeled on the bracket system popularized by the NCAA basketball tournament.

Eight 2024 stamps will vie for the top spot, which will be determined by rounds of voting.

The stamps vying for bragging rights are Horses, Sea Turtles, Autumn Colors, Winter Whimsy, Dungeons & Dragons, Pinback Buttons, Carnival Nights and Bluegrass.

An image highlighting the eight stamps will be posted on the Postal Service’s Instagram, Twitter and Threads accounts.

The showdown began March 19. Customers can vote in each round using the “stories” feature on the USPS Instagram page.

“We’re looking forward to seeing which stamp everyone ends up picking as the winner,” said Crystal Robertson, a senior social media strategist.

The Bluegrass stamp was released last week. The remaining stamps will be issued later this year.