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The farmer and the swell

An employee provided first aid to an injured customer on her rural route

USPS Rural Carrier Deborah Cummins
Fort Dodge, IA, Rural Carrier Deborah Cummins

Rural Carrier Deborah Cummins was delivering mail in a remote area of Fort Dodge, IA, when she encountered a farmer who needed medical help.

The man, who had injured his hand, was bleeding profusely.

Cummins called 911 and rendered first aid to stop the bleeding and reduce swelling. She stayed until paramedics arrived to take the customer to a nearby hospital.

His wife later thanked Cummins and told her the man had recovered.

“Without Deborah calling 911, rendering first aid and waiting for the ambulance, the customer would not have survived. She is very truly a hero,” said local Customer Services Supervisor Tina Williamson.

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