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Springing into health

The Nourish wellness challenge begins April 1

A postcard with an image of fruits and vegetables and the word nourish overlaying it.
USPS will mail this postcard to employees’ homes to promote the Nourish challenge.

Nourish, an app-based wellness challenge open to USPS employees, runs Monday, April 1, through Sunday, May 12.

Nourish will encourage participants to record healthy eating, sleeping, exercise and mindfulness habits over six weeks. Each positive change recorded contributes to the growth of a virtual plant — a vegetable, fruit or grain from around the world.

When participants grow at least five plants a week, they unlock healthy recipes using the plants they have grown.

The goal is to grow 30 plants over the six-week period.

Healthy habits are recorded in the Nourish app, which is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

The USPS Benefits and Wellness team and Kaiser Permanente, a provider of health plans for federal employees, have partnered to offer the challenge.

Participation is voluntary and must be off the clock.

Participants are required to register on the challenge website. Registration opens Monday, March 18.

Employees with questions can email the Benefits and Wellness team.