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On the fence

An employee helped prevent an outdoor fire from spreading

USPS Carrier Technician Patrick Miller
Fort Worth, TX, Carrier Technician Patrick Miller

As Carrier Technician Patrick Miller helped a co-worker make deliveries in a Fort Worth, TX, neighborhood recently, he smelled smoke.

Miller followed the odor and spotted a fence ablaze near a home. He ran to the home, as well as to a neighboring home, to alert the residents.

While 911 was called, the Postal Service employee grabbed a hose and safely extinguished the blaze.

Rochelle Harden, who lives in one of the homes, wrote a letter to Miller’s supervisor to praise the carrier.

“Not only was I grateful for his quick action protecting my neighbor’s property, but he also prevented further damage to our home. The fire was 18 inches from our own fence,” Harden wrote. “My husband and I truly thank Patrick for going above and beyond the call of duty.”

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