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‘Am I hit?’

An employee aided a motorist who escaped a shooting spree

Employee smiling in a workplace storage room
Phoenix Custodian Ruben Munoz

Custodian Ruben Munoz was working outside the Phoenix Processing and Distribution Center last fall when he heard gunshots in the distance.

Moments later, a woman pulled up in her car, got out and approached Munoz.

“Am I hit?” she asked repeatedly.

The woman had been driving nearby when she saw a man shooting a gun. Her car was struck by one of the bullets.

After moving the woman to a safe place, Munoz called 911, then alerted his co-workers. He checked the woman for injuries and stayed with her until police arrived.

The woman provided officers with a description of the suspect, who was later arrested.

She also sent a letter to Munoz, thanking him for his help.

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