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Fantastic four

These employees took action when a fire threatened their office

A group of postal workers stand together
From left, Red Bluff, CA, Post Office employees Joseph Belknap, Christopher Jeffery, Holly Bobadilla and Devin Medeiros

After completing her deliveries recently, City Carrier Assistant Holly Bobadilla returned to the Red Bluff, CA, Post Office and saw smoke billowing from a neighboring building.

She informed Letter Carrier Devin Medeiros, who called 911.

Custodian Joseph Belknap also spotted the spreading blaze and grabbed a fire extinguisher to have on hand as he and his co-workers safely evacuated the building.

Customer Services Supervisor Christopher Jeffery, a former firefighter, rushed to let nearby businesses and residents know of the fire.

Firefighters soon arrived and extinguished the blaze.

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