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Got snow? Want mail? Don’t forget to shovel

USPS is asking customers to help keep carriers safe

A residential mailbox covered in snow
To help ensure consistent delivery, customers should keep the paths to their mailboxes clear of ice and snow.

The Postal Service wants customers to help their local mail carrier following a week in which much of the nation was battered by snow, ice and cold temperatures.

In regions affected by inclement weather, USPS is asking customers to clear snow and ice from sidewalks, stairs, porches and areas near mailboxes, whether on a house or at a curb.

Keeping a clear path around mailboxes will help carriers continue consistent delivery and keep them safe from potential slips and injuries.

“If [carriers] cannot reach your mailbox, they cannot deliver your mail,” said David Guiney, Maryland District’s acting manager.

Residents and businesses with blue collection boxes near their property are also asked to help keep them clear of snow and ice.